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Global MBA Program

Global MBA Program

Hanyang University International MBA KABS (Korea and Asia Business Studies)

track aims to grow international specialists ideally suited for business success
in Korea and Asia.

The KABS track at Hanyang University provides students with business knowledge, experience, skill and network necessary for doing business in Asian countries.

KABS program also help students to acquire cultural and social experience
required to become regional business experts.

Students can learn how Korean and Asian companies evolve in the digital,

media and manufacturing sectors. Knowledge on distinctive managerial strategies and practices of Korean and Asian companies together with understandings on

Korean and Asian culture will provide essential insights into potential business
opportunities in Korea and Asia.

The unique arrangement of the interaction with students in other tracks of

Hanyang International MBA such as future successors and owner-managers

who want to go global (YES Track) and current business executives going

global (GBM Track) will be an uncomparable asset to students in KABS track of
Hanyang University.

Program Overview

Program International MBA
Korea and Asia Business Studies (KABS)
Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Language English
Prospective students International Students with foreign citizenship who has Bachelor's degree
Degree requirements 45 credits (15 courses)
Program duration 4 semesters

    Essential managerial insights into Asian and Korean business, economy and culture

    Asian business field study

    Scholarships opportunities for international students

    Network with Koran business leaders

    Collaborative academic networks with Asian Universities

Course Listing

Area Course title
Korean Business

    Korean Industry Study

    Korean ICT Industry

Asian Business

    Understanding Asian Culture and Society

    Asian Business and Marketing

    Asian Business Trend

    Asian Market and Industry

Independent Study

    Korean Business Field Project

    Asian Business Field Project

Core Management

    Understanding Global Business

    MIS and Business Innovation

    Management of Human Resources

    Marketing in the Digital Age

    Corporate Finance and Capital Markets

    Strategic Management

    International Business Communication

    Management of Technology Innovation

    Business Innovation and Creativity

    Organizations in the Digital Age

Application Schedule

2019 Fall Semester 2020 Spring Semester
Online Application

    May 7-22, 2019

    October, 2019

Submit Required Documents

    May 7-22, 2019

    October, 2019

Result Announcement

    June 14, 2019

    November, 2019

Tuition Payment

    July, 2019

    February, 2020

Graduate Students Orientation(tentative)

    August 9, 2019

    February, 2020

Beginning of the Semester

    September 2, 2019

    March 2, 2020

Admission Guideline

Online Application

General Inquiries

MBA Office (Graduate School of Business)

Tel : 82-2-2220-0284

E-mail : hygsb@hanyang.ac.kr

Homepage : http://mba.hanyang.ac.kr/eng/index.php

KABS Track Inquiries

Namjae Cho
Head Professor of International MBA Program

TEL : 82-2-2220-1058

E-mail : njcho@hanyang.ac.kr

International Graduate Admission Inquiries

Office of International Affairs

Tel : 82-2-2220-2445, 2449

E-mail : eunouo@hanyang.ac.kr

Homepage : http://www.dic.hanyang.ac.kr/

For further information please read our International MBA leaflet (click to open) or contact us.