MBA Programs

Master of Business Administration

Our customized MBA programs aim at nurturing global professionals who are not
only equipped with substantial general business knowledge, but also possess specialized expertise in a particular field of business. In order to shape true business leaders, HUBS developed an innovative curriculum which comprises an extensive range of lectures based on the latest management theory, case analyses, discussion and on-site training. MBA students at HUBS can attain up-to-date knowledge and practical business skills in 19 business areas.

Program Overview

MBA Program Overview
Programs Hanyang MBA

Professional MBA
- Healthcare Management
- Strategic Project Management
- Finance
- Arts, Culture & Entertainment
- Digital Business
- GEM(Global Entrepreneurship Management)

International MBA
- Global YES(Young Entrepreneur Spirit)
- GBM(Global Business Management
- KABS(Korea &Asia Business Studies)[English-Only]
Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Language Korean (KABS Track is delivered in English)
Prospective students Current and future managers
Degree requirements 45 credits (15 courses)
Program duration 2 years (4 semesters)
Special features -Diverse and flexible curriculum
-Industry-Academia Cooperation through fields studies, CEO Lecture Series, etc.
-Global perspective for a global reach
-Solution-oriented and case-based in-depth learning
-Wide range of scholarships


Hanyang MBA

The Hanyang MBA strives to train competent professional managers who can actively cope with the ever- changing global business environment. Students may choose among 9 tracks for in-depth knowledge of specialties highly demanded by the industry. In each track, we offer various courses to deliver theoretical and practical knowledge needed by students and companies.

 Track Listing

- Accounting
- Management Information System
- Finance
- Organization Behavior & Human Resource Management
- Global Business
- Operations & Service Management
- Marketing
- Strategic Management & Venture
- Corporate Management

Professional MBA

Professional MBA aims to foster highly-specialized professionals with the expertise and practical skills by offering specialized and customized curriculum. The Professional MBA consists of 7 tracks:Strategic Project Management, Healthcare Management, Finance, Digital Business, Arts Culture & Entertainment, GEM(Global Entrepreneurship Management)


Strategic Project Management

The SPM-MBA program aims to nurture project managers with specialized management capabilities that match global standards and ensure the success of projects in a variety of functional fields


Healthcare Management

The HCM-MBA program is designed for educating professionals who are equipped with specialized knowledge and skills in the field of health care management in a global context.



The Finance MBA program is designed for success in finance careers such as investment and corporate finance. Students will be exposed to a comprehensive range of topics covering CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 2 and 3 contents as well as traditional finance theories.


Digital Business

The Digital Business MBA program is designed for educating professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and skills to manage business convergence in modern digital business environments.


Arts, Culture & Entertainment

The Global ACE program aims to nurture professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of major issues and concepts surrounding the business fields of Arts, Culture, and Entertainment.


GEM(Global Entrepreneurship Management)

近几十年来,中国经济已由传统的出口市场增长逐步扩大至国内市场的迅猛增长,现已发展成仅次于美国经济的全球第二大经济体。随着中国经济对外开放的不断深入,海外市场的拓展将愈来愈重要,投入将愈来愈多,管理也将更加专业化和现代化。GEM MBA项目带领学生学习最前沿的专业管理知识,培养学生核心管理能力,为在中韩乃至全球市场寻求创业机遇、继承发展家族企业或者关注其他就业机会的中国留学生们提供成长和进步的助力。


International MBA

International MBA is a special curriculum that provides differentiated education, which have features not found in other MBA programs in Korea and abroad. The International MBA consists of 3 tracks: YES (Young Entrepreneur Spirit) track, KABS (Korea and Asia Business Studies) Track, GBM(Global Business Management) Track


Global YES(Young Entrepreneur Spirit)

The Global YES has a tradition as the nation's unique MBA program which focus on family business. The students are future successors or founders of a family-run business which aims to grow business globally.


KABS(Korea and Asia Business Studies)

The KABS is a new concept English-only MBA program which provides international and Korean students with business education with an extended focus on Korea and Asian region. International students from Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia choose this track to join leading management of the high-potential Asian market.


- GBM(Global Business Management)

The GBM is designed to be a customized track adapted to the individual needs of Korean Entrepreneurs who wants to expand their global understandings. Students are able to take courses selected from all courses offered by Hanyang University MBA programs and can also join international exchange or dual degree opportunities at our partner MBA programs abroad.